Dual Fuel Generators

Champions Dual Fuel technology makes it possible to operate your portable generator using either petrol or Propane. Switching between fuel sources is safe and easy. Meaning you can choose the best fuel for your needs. Power up your life with innovative options for a cleaner and easy experience.

Dual Fuel Technology - developed to enable the selection of the safest and most effective fuel option for your needs..

The benefits of Propane:

  • The biggest attraction of Propane is the lower running costs (bottled gas is about 30% - 50% cheaper to run currently than petrol, the larger the cylinder, the cheaper the gas becomes). As fuel becomes more expensive, this becomes an even more attractive offer.
  • You have greater flexibility in extending the running time. Use a larger cylinder if you need a longer running time without being limited by the internal fuel tank.
  • Cleaner emissions allow for use in situations where petrol is not appropriate such as around food or on those sites that do not allow petrol for fire risk precautions.
  • There are also no petrol storage problems, for example, smells.
  • Minimal risk of fuel spillage, as the fuel, is not loose/fluid. Also, there is less chance of theft.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the cleaner running; petrol decays over time and can block the carburettor or hinder its operation.
  • Propane does not have this problem as the fuel bottles have a seal. There is no chance of degradation extending the life of the spark plug and generator components.
  • Easier to refuel by simply connecting up a new bottle. With more and more councils and campsites banning petrol and diesel use, we feel that the demand for Propane Generators will only increase in the future.
  • Please note the majority of the competitions Dual Fuel models in the UK tend to be retrofit invalidating the Manufacturer's Warranty!

While Champion lead the way with their dual fuel patented technology & their machines are Factory fitted & therefore, the 3 years Manufacturer's Warranty is fully supported.

The products we propose to you are innovative & unique in the Generator market, able to run on Propane (as well as petrol) therefore producing less harmful emissions, & costing less to run, both in fuel & through-life costs.

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