Champion Parallel Kit for 1000-3500 Watt Models

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  • 32 Amp parallel kit allows any UK or EU Champion Inverter models 1000-3500 watts new or old to be connected in parallel to create an increase in power up to 95% of the combined running watts.
  • IP54 Protection class
  • 3 Pin industrial water proof sockets
  • 2 Universal adapters to allow old or new models to be easily connected

This newly designed kit is intended for the use with Champion inverters ONLY, ideally this kit should be used with at least one inverter being 2800W or larger (2800+), and(or) any other Champion inverter that uses the square paralink sockets.

The total output of this kit will depend on the size of the inverters connected to it. The maximum output of the parallel kit is the total amperage of 58A across two sockets or the rated amperage of each socket up to 32A.

This one model is designed for dual markets either UK or EU, it allows any Champion inverter models with wattages 1000-3500 to be connected up in parallel to create an increase in continuous power of up to 95% of the combined running watts.

The control box construction is IP54 protected with 2 x 230V 32 amp 3 pin industrial water proof sockets & connection leads to allow easy tool free connection of any Champion inverter using the paralink socket. With a dual clip design it will allow the control box to clamp on to handles to securely whilst the generators are running.


When paralleling always configure generators in a 'V' formation with both exhaust mufflers pointing the same direction away from the control box, leads and each other.

This kit can be used with these models:

  • 73001i
  • 73001i-P
  • 73001i-DF
  • 92001i
  • 92001i-DF
  • 1 x 73001i plus any other Champion inverter with Paralink feature
Expected Power Outputs (95% of combined output)
Inverter 1 Inverter 2 FINAL OUTPUT
Model Max Watts (Petrol) Rated Watts (Petrol) Model Max Watts (Petrol) Rated Watts (Petrol) Max Watts (Petrol) Rated Watts (Petrol)
92001i (-DF) 2200 1900 92001i (-DF) 2200 1900 4180 3610
73001i /(-DF / -P) 3500 3200 5415 4845
CPG4000DHY 3600 3500 5510 5130
73001i /(-DF / -P) 3500 3200 73001i /(-DF / -P) 3500 3200 6650 6080
CPG4000DHY 3600 3500 6745 6365
CPG4000DHY 3600 3500 CPG4000DHY 3600 3500 6840 6650

What's in the box:

  • 27AMP Control Box
  • Operating manual
  • 2 Universal Adapters

(Champion Generators [CPE] is a trading brand of Winch Solutions Ltd.)


Repair/Replacement Warranty

CPE warrants to the original purchaser that the mechanical and electrical components will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of One year Domestic use,1 Year for commercial and industrial use from the original date of purchase. Transportation charges on product submitted for repair or replacement under this warranty are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and are not included in any warranty offered. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not cover the following repairs and equipment:

Normal Wear

Products with mechanical and electrical components need periodic parts and service to perform well. This warranty does not cover repair when normal use has exhausted the life of a part or the equipment as a whole.

Installation, Use and Maintenance

This warranty will not apply to parts and/or labor if the product is deemed to have been misused, neglected, involved in an accident, abused, loaded beyond the product’s limits, modified, installed improperly or connected incorrectly to any electrical component. Normal maintenance is not covered by this warranty and is not required to be performed at a facility or by a person authorized by CPE.

Other Exclusions

This warranty excludes:

  • Cosmetic defects such as paint, decals, etc.
  • Worn items such as filter elements, pistons & rings, etc.
  • Accessory parts such as starting batteries, and storage covers including wheels & recoil assemblies.
  • Alteration or modification(s) made by any party other than the manufacturer including exhaust extension and filtration systems.
  • All hoses plastic or rubber, reducing valves and regulators
  • Failures due to acts of God and other force majeure events beyond the manufacturer’s control.
  • Problems caused by parts that are not original Champion Power Equipment parts.

When applicable, this warranty does not apply to products used for prime power in place of a utility.

Limits of Implied Warranty and Consequential Damage

Champion Power Equipment disclaims any obligation to cover any loss of time, use of this product, freight, or any incidental or consequential claim by anyone from using this product. A unit provided as an exchange will be subject to the warranty of the original unit. The length of the warranty governing the exchanged unit will remain calculated by reference to the purchase date of the original unit.

This warranty gives you certain legal rights which may change from state to state or province to province. Your state or province may also have other rights you may be entitled to that are not listed within this warranty.

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